Experienced financial journalist

I’ve written about the pensions industry for more than a decade with articles featured in many well-regarded trade publications. My investment analyst background gives me a strong understanding of how businesses function.

I can help companies produce readable written materials whether it’s a short and punchy blog post, a monthly update, a white paper or a book chapter. I’m great at coming up with topics for panel discussions and working with spokespeople to develop a punchy presentation. I can be a useful sounding board for marketing teams to help them to decide on their priorities for a particular period and find the right hooks for the target audience.

Communications consultant

Social media expert

Financial service firms often struggle with social media, not sure how to talk to their end client and often frightened of the compliance implications. I can help firms to produce content which educates and entertains without getting caught out by the rules. Doing this well is going to be increasingly important for firms as competitive pressures continue to mount.

A couple of times a month I appear on the Times Early Morning Breakfast to discuss the business news. And I frequently blog about topics which interest me including a series of posts which explain the UK pension landscape.