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Investment specialist. Pensions expert.

Journalist and communications consultant

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Small & Mid-Cap Equities: Put on a smart cap

The small-cap premium is a well-understood and accepted phenomenon. Numerous academic studies show that, over time, smaller companies consistently show higher long-term returns than both mid and large-caps in all markets and sectors.


What my clients say
  • Louise Farrand

    Pensions Insight
    Charlotte regularly provides us with consistently interesting and insightful copy for both Engaged Investor and Pensions Insight. She always meets deadlines on time, and is not afraid to interrogate a freelance brief. I would highly recommend her services.
  • Martin Steward

    Investment & Pensions Europe
    I particularly like to work with Charlotte because I know that, not only will she start with a good understanding of often complex and specialist briefs, but also question, develop and enhance them as her research proceeds. The result is copy that goes the extra mile!
  • Alex Henderson

    Client Director, JPES Partners
    We have found Charlotte to be an outstanding partner for our media training programmes, adding real value through her extensive experience as a journalist and in-depth knowledge of the investment industry. We would highly recommend Charlotte’s services.
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