I always feel happy when I get to the end of January – it’s good to have the most miserable month of the year in the rear view mirror! I feel particularly pleased the dreariness of the last four weeks did not slow down my productivity. I posted a blog taking a closer look at impact investing and its links to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. Another piece examines the challenges of incorporating impact investing in auto-enrolled pension schemes. I chalked up a first by posting a video on LinkedIn. Learning a new skill is always exhausting so I’m looking forward to this becoming less stressful and more relaxed. In February, I’ll be hosting my rescheduled networking event. Do get in touch if you or your colleagues would like to attend.

What is impact investing?

Investing, like life, is a journey. And the end of the trip, for those wishing to make the world more sustainable, is impact investing. This post examines what this style of investing involves. With its emphasis on positive change, many impact portfolios have direct links to the UN’s sustainable development goals. Not every fund will, however, have an explicit connection. Investors should keep an eye out for those strategies which have an implicit impact on SDGs or address multiple goals.

Impact investing and you

This article aims to take a closer look at what pension schemes embracing impact investing would mean. As risk profiles, market forces and regulatory pressures vary for auto-enrolled and DB pension schemes, different approaches are needed. With cost pressures constraining management budget for DC schemes, the preferred approach to sustainable investment is to use ESG-tilted passive strategies. But there are limitations to this approach and adding an impact investment could increase the positive change schemes can achieve. However, adding these strategies is far from straightforward as popular funds often come at a high price.

First video

Learning a new skill is exhausting. Filming my first video involved getting to grips with various bits of gear including an O-ring LED, tripods and remote controllers. Then there is the weirdness of watching myself on my phone as I recorded. This video took a lot of takes and I’m definitely not at my most relaxed! I feel confident it will all become much less stressful and more enjoyable over time. And I feel happy I managed to cross this challenge off my list in January.

Postponed networking event

Omicron meant my second networking event has been postponed to Tuesday, 22nd February. Please get in touch if you or any of your colleagues would like to attend. The evening will kick off with a topical discussion and it looks like it will be a well-attended event!

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