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The rise and fall of the gold-standard pension scheme – part two

10 September 2020

In the last post, I discussed how changes during the 1990s turned defined benefit pension from a useful recruiting tool into an expensive liability. By the end of the decade many companies chose to close these schemes to new members. At the start of the millennium, however, changes to national accounting standards made many choose…

Not just a print journalist

30 July 2020

July was an exciting month. I appeared twice on Times Radio’s early breakfast show. In my debut we talked about the impact of Rishi Sunak’s summer statement on companies’ ability to retain staff. The second was an in-depth discussion of the impact of the covid crisis on the long-term prospects for offices. A post outlined…

What is a pension?

30 July 2020

This is the first in a series of posts which aim to bring some clarity to pensions.  I aim to explain pensions from first principles to give you an understanding of the relationship between government policy, investment and regulation. The goal is to improve your knowledge to give you a greater sense of comfort about…

Preparing for climate change

20 July 2020

The pandemic has underlined the importance of preparing for unlikely risks and provides useful lessons on how the world should tackle climate change, said Joseph Stiglitz at NN Investment Partners’ Upside Down event last this week. The Nobel prize-winning economist said the crisis presents an opportunity to reshape the economy to one which is better…

Accelerated trends

30 June 2020

In June I looked at how the current covid crisis is accelerating current trends. One post discussed how working-from-home has become ubiquitous among professional services and a follow-up imagined how work patterns should evolve. It was also time to take a closer look at whether investments tilted towards environmental, social and governance factors could protect…

Reducing risk by investing responsibly

30 June 2020

Responsible asset allocation helps investors to look beyond financial metrics and reduce risks associated with a company’s environmental record, its management and its attitude towards its employees and society. For example, an analysis of a company’s steps to reduce its impact on the environment and mitigate climate change can help investors to reduce the risk…

Creating a better working environment

19 June 2020

Recent work-related conversations have fallen into a pattern. They open with a discussion about how we feel about being at home five days a week. Many say they enjoy the extra time freed up by not commuting and how much easier it is to be productive in the quiet of your own office. These sentiments…

The future of the office

12 June 2020

At the end of February I stood in a meeting room in the City looking into a nearby office block. Rows of workers sat staring silently at computer screens. I thought: “Why bother travelling for an hour to not talk to colleagues and stare at a PC screen? Couldn’t you just do that at home?”…

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