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How to make policy effective

30 November 2020

This month I posted the last in the series chronicling the development of UK private sector pensions from World War Two to today. The final piece of the jigsaw explains how the government first ‘staged’ and then ‘phased’ auto-enrolment from 2012. November also saw the publication of an article examining how the styles of equity…

Auto-enrolling the private sector

26 November 2020

In the last couple of posts I explained how the Labour government responded to the decline in the number of active members of private section pensions at the start of the millennium by forming The Pension Commission in 2002. Simplified state pensions and increasing state pension age to match longevity improvements as well as auto-enrolment…

More than a journalist

30 October 2020

Exciting news! This month I’ve got together with Chris Dell, Tara McCorquodale and Caroline Brown to launch the The Scale Partnership – Financial. We’re pooling our experience at a time when we think the industry should be talking more. Over the last four weeks, I’ve also explored how the Labour government addressed the problems with…

Auto-enrolment: the Pension Commission’s ‘big idea’

27 October 2020

The last post discussed how the Pension Commission was established by the Labour government in 2002 to review the level of occupational pension provision, as well as the level of personal pensions and other savings. Postponing retirement The Commission published its second report in November 2005 which, according to analysis by the Institute for Government,…

Rebuilding the UK’s private sector pensions

15 October 2020

In my last three blog posts I explained how the gold-standard of defined benefit pensions had turned from a useful recruiting tool into an expensive liability for private sector schemes by the start of the millennium. The culmination of these changes was a slew of closures of private sector final salary schemes. This change was…

How pensions changed at the end of the last millennium

30 September 2020

September was a satisfying month. I continued my explanation of how UK pension policy has evolved by charting the rise and fall of the gold-standard private sector pension scheme. A discussion with people who have long pension memories on LinkedIn revealed how the changes over the course of the 1990s turned defined benefit pension from…

The rise and fall of the gold-standard pension scheme – part three

29 September 2020

In my last post, I discussed how the introduction of new accounting standards at the start of the millennium cemented the fate of the private sector defined benefit pension scheme. This post continues this discussion explaining how to value future liabilities and why the new rules caused conniption fits among finance directors and shareholders. I…

The rise and fall of the gold-standard pension scheme – part two

10 September 2020

In the last post, I discussed how changes during the 1990s turned defined benefit pension from a useful recruiting tool into an expensive liability. By the end of the decade many companies chose to close these schemes to new members. At the start of the millennium, however, changes to national accounting standards made many choose…

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