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Charlotte’s latest blog posts

New year, new project

10 January 2020

This year I’ll be writing a monthly diary. It’ll be a round-up of interesting snippets from interviews I conducted for articles and conversations with contacts. I’ll also include links to recent articles and blog posts. I aim to give you a better idea of the topics which interest me. If it sparks an idea for…

Why Johnson should worry about loss aversion

09 January 2020

Learning about behavioural economics is one of the best parts of being a pension journalist. This branch of social science endeavours to explain why humans often don’t make logical financial decisions. There are many fascinating observations. There is, for example, the endowment effect: people value more the things they already own than the ones they…

How auto-enrolment shows Brexit is doomed

07 January 2019

The auto-enrolment of employees in occupational pension scheme has been one of most successful government policies over the last two decades. Yet none of the lessons learnt from this radical protocol have been applied to Brexit, despite it being the most significant change to the UK’s economic and political environment for the last 45 years….

A step closer to the death of the company pension scheme

09 September 2014

The pension minister’s announcement that restrictions on the National Employment Savings Trust will be abolished in 2017 is a significant step towards the end of the individual company pension scheme. The European Commission’s decision to approve the lifting of the annual contribution cap of £4,500 and the removal of the ban on bulk transfers makes…

Beware of narrow government vision

11 August 2014

Today I received a press release which, at first glance, looked like one any self-respecting financial journalist should ignore. An active manager says its response to the Local Government Pension Scheme consultation was to warn against local authorities shifting into passive investments. Well, you wouldn’t expect a turkey to vote for Christmas would you? It…

Tackling the pensions education gap

07 July 2014

I’ll admit it: I have strong opinions about pensions and investment. I find it particularly vexing when anyone uses the word ‘saving’ while talking about pensions. That’s why the first blog I wrote addresses this very issue. Research released by Nest Corporation today reinforces why it is so important the pensions industry does its utmost…

It’s time to consider compulsion

30 June 2014

In the somewhat dry and technical world of pensions it is a good week when life is enlivened by two parties expressing equally strong yet opposing views on a particular topic. The most entertaining aspect of the government’s unveiling of its Pensions Bill last week was face-off between two of the UK’s biggest investment consultancy firms…

An uncertain future for fund management

23 June 2014

Last week KPMG issued a report on the asset management industry declaring the number of global players would halve by 2030. Forecasting the size of an industry to decrease by 50% is certainly a headline-grabbing prediction but that was not the only interesting insight contained in the 80-page report. This sentence in particular grabbed my…

Time for a cohesive pensions policy

16 June 2014

It’s inevitable coalition government policy will be a Frankenstein monster – ideas from different parties are stitched together to form a whole. And then politicians cross their fingers and hope it will be cohesive enough to lumber through to the next election without collapsing into a pile of disparate body parts. Up until recently, it…