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Not just a print journalist

30 July 2020

July was an exciting month. I appeared twice on Times Radio’s early breakfast show. In my debut we talked about the impact of Rishi Sunak’s summer statement on companies’ ability to retain staff. The second was an in-depth discussion of the impact of the covid crisis on the long-term prospects for offices. A post outlined…

What is a pension?

30 July 2020

This is the first in a series of posts which aim to bring some clarity to pensions.  I aim to explain pensions from first principles to give you an understanding of the relationship between government policy, investment and regulation. The goal is to improve your knowledge to give you a greater sense of comfort about…

Preparing for climate change

20 July 2020

The pandemic has underlined the importance of preparing for unlikely risks and provides useful lessons on how the world should tackle climate change, said Joseph Stiglitz at NN Investment Partners’ Upside Down event last this week. The Nobel prize-winning economist said the crisis presents an opportunity to reshape the economy to one which is better…