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Work in the time of coronavirus

31 March 2020

Communication becomes a vital skill during a pandemic. Every professional has their role to play. Journalists document the challenges the virus poses for those managing pension schemes. Copywriters tell clients about the threats and opportunities which have arisen from the crisis. All of us need to find ways of talking to our colleagues and clients…

Working well from home

19 March 2020

While many in the professional service sector are used to remote working one or two days a week, turning your home into your office can be challenging. Over the last 14 years I’ve learnt how to make running a business from my flat a productive and enjoyable experience. Here are my top tips: Establish a…

How to get the most from a conference

04 March 2020

The Pension and Lifetime Saving Association’s investment conference gets underway in a week’s time. Here are my top tips on how to get the most of a hectic few days without feeling like a wrung-out dishrag afterwards. Failure to prepare is to prepare to fail Conferences are an excellent opportunity to network. Not only is…